Taking Ownership Of Your Career

I have been mentoring several engineers and a common theme has emerged.

We often don’t spend enough time actively managing our own career.

These are the positive steps you should ask yourself.

1) The things I am working on right now, are they important and will they help further my career?
2) If they are not, perhaps I should stop doing them or hand them off to a junior person who wants that responsibility
3) Who in the organization would give me an honest opinion besides my manager?
4) What do I want to be in 3 years and is what I am doing getting me there?

Another good exercise is to write your year end review in the beginning of the year and you will notice what is glaring obvious.

Published by Tony Tam

Senior Engineer Manager, Engineering Productivity @ Splunk, ImpactfulEngineer.org & SFBadminton.org