Book: The Roadmap To 100

Some learnings from the book

Pg: 204

1) Be a realist. Aging is inevitable.

2) Pay attention to your body. Get to know your body, your internal workings, better. Spend a little time in front of a mirror regularly. Ask yourself what you can do to make yourself healthier.

3) Move! Walk, Run, Fidget, Bend, stretch, Jump.

4) Get strong

5) Become a systems thinker. Beware of “magic bullet” fallacy

6) Get fit and stay fit. Aerobic fitness must become a mantra. 3 times a week is good, 5 is better. Run.

7) Pull yourself together. Shoulders back, Chest out, chin up, carry yourself younger

8) Eat smart. Get your nutrients from your food. If your primary food source comes from plants, you have established an important beachhead on the path to a long, healthy life.

9) All things in moderation

10) Don’t wait for a miracle

11) Forget about your genes.

12) Be necessary. Be engaged. To have a defining sense of purpose. Think of your family and friends as your personal convoy escorting you through the passage of life

13) Celebrate your sexuality

14) Go for the flow. A flow state ensues when one is engaged in self-controlled, goal-related, meaningful actions.