Actively Maintain Your LinkedIn Profile : Ask For Recommendation Early

Something I started doing last year is to ask for recommendations on my LinkedIn profile while I’m still working at the company.  Instead of only doing so when I have already left the company.

LinkedIn’s value is the business contacts and also an online resume with real recommendations from people who are also on LinkedIn.  To maximize the value

  • I try to keep the job history quarterly up to date
  • I ask for recommendations from people I work with and people who have left the company ( right now I think it about 10% conversation rate)
  • I also write recommendations for people who leave the company without them asking

Of course this is not a common practice.   In order to not scare my current co-workers that I might be leaving,  I preface my email honestly.  “I’m not looking to leave any time soon, but I want to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date.  Please write a recommendation for me….etc”