How Do You Manage Your Incoming Queue To Get Things Done?

Hallway conversation with 2 co-workers today went like this.

Tony: “Hey L., how come you were able to get your ticket resolved?”

L: “Oh I commute with G. and he did it for me”

G: “Happened to walk by, yeah, it was easy”

Tony: “But if someone else asked you G., what would happen?”

G: “It goes into my queue, because I trust L”

So, if your queue of things to do is too much work to do. How do you prioritize the queue?

I assume your queue is

1) Your Inbox
2) Your bug list
3) If you are using scrum, then your current sprint
4) You have some stuff in your brain
5) Favors you do for people you trust
6) Your goals that you set for yourself
7) Other todo list

I’m curious how do you figure out what to do next?

How much of your actual time are you spending on the following 4 bucket

1) Important non-urgent
2) Important urgent
3) Not important, but urgent
4) Not important, non-urgent

Do you have a way to determine which bucket your queue item falls into?