What is the best advice you have ever received? (from Quora)

This is from Quora

Find something that fully engages your mind. And your heart. For that is the way to happiness.

Push harder. Do better. Never give into complacency. Be wide-ranging in your interests, and decisive in your judgments. Give every opportunity the benefit of the doubt. Always go the distance. And don’t buy uncomfortable shoes.

Think for yourself. Be realistic, but not pessimistic. Listen.

Do not let shyness rob you of pleasure. But be careful when you are the center of attention, the light there is blinding.

Do not lie, cheat, or steal, even when everyone else in the country is.

There are no known, predetermined, absolute values. We create our own morality. A good person judges his actions by the effects they will have on others, and by estimating the result if everyone behaved the same way.

Don’t look for the meaning of life. Supply it.

Return your calls, and answer your mail. This alone will set you apart, as many people are either too rude or too disorganized to practice this simple courtesy.

To be born into this country of freedom and opportunity, but with a disability that renders both outside your grasp, may be the cruelest trick that fate can play on an infant. You have no disabilities. Always remember that.

A heart never heals, but it does get stronger.