The Delightful Support Experience


(dinner at the restaurant that I own in Burlingame, I Privé )

/ stepping up my high horse

I would love to see this in the perfect world for a product support experience.

1) Takes me zero effort to report a problem, make this as easy as possible.  Realtime chats, email.

2) I get an acknowlegement that the right person is looking at the problem.  No black hole.

3) When problem is fixed, I get a bravo or at least a thank you thumbs up, or get mentioned in a ticket  :)

4) I am also put on a list of power user for that product if I report and help the team narrow down problems.

This would trigger my brain to report problems as I see them.  I would also spend the extra effort.

I know this could be unrealistic right now.  But imagine a world where this actually happens. What a wonderful world for the product engineers as well as the users of the product.
To be known as a product that listens and repsonse to your users.

/ getting off my high horse

Tony Tam