Developing For Android Wear: Day 1

I decided to start development for Android Wear this week after seeing my co-worker Ollie’s watch and him mentioning that it’s a new space to get into while it’s still relatively young niche in the mobile market.

I bought the Moto 360 (2014) model from Amazon for roughly $124 (refurbished). My daughter (14 years old) unboxed it, paired the watch to the my Android Samsung Note 4 last night.

This morning I setup bluetooth debugging but ran into a problem with `localhost:4444 unauthorized` when trying to connect to the watch.   After playing around with restarting the Android Studio tool, restarting the adb sessions, I end up following the tips from this blog, deleting caches, resetting my Moto 360 to factory settings and now the first step of ‘Hello World’ is now on my new Android Wearable.

I also setup some bash aliases here for starting the adb environment

Time Spend : 1h30m

Next Step: Finish up Udacity course on Wear Development

Hello World Moto 360