Are We Defined By The Company We Work For?

I Have A Point .. Bare With Me :D

There are great companies in the eyes of the public. These could be

  • Fortune’s 100 best places to work
  • US Stock Market top 10 companies by market cap
  • Companies with most number of eye balls
  • <insert> however you want to define great companies

Now let’s say your company is a ‘great’ company. Then by the transitive property in math

  • If a = b and b = c, then a = c
  • If you (a) = company (b), company (b) = great (c), then you (a) = great (c)?

That was weird, do you (a) = company (b)?

Let’s break this down

If you are the founder, do you = company?

  • If you are a founder of 1 employee, then yes!
  • If you are a founder of > 1 employee, then no because there are others who contributed to the company.

If you are on the board of directors and by definition usually not an employee, then you ≠ company.

If you are an employee, and not the founder of one person then you as a single entity does not encompass the entire company. So you ≠ company so you ≠ great just because company = great.

Now, let’s assume you = great, company = great and you ≠ company, then you = great not because of the company and also company = great not just because of you.

What Is The Point?

My point is, just because a company you work for is a great company in the public’s eye, don’t get it in your head that by definition you are a great person. You still have to work hard and do good to be deserving of greatness.

For the people on the outside looking at great companies, the people who work there are not all great people. So no need to be envious. Just be a great human wherever you are!