Hacking Getting Better At Presentations


I don’t like giving presentations, even though my job and my passion with Impactful Engineer requires me to.

Why Don’t I like Presentations?

  • I don’t like my voice in front of a big audience
  • I don’t speak clearly enough and I sometimes mumble
  • I don’t enunciate words clearly (I learned English when I was 15, but that is not an excuse).  I just never spent the time to learn English properly
  • I feel like a fraud (mostly when I don’t prepare)
  • I like to procrastinate ^^^^

Why Should I Do Presentations

  • My job as the head of Engineering Productivity requires me to speak and reach out to a lot of developers, engineering leadership, new hires
  • I  love my job ^^^
  • I write a website Impactful Engineer https://impactfulengineer.org where I interview software engineering leaders.  If I wanted to spread the word, which I do, I need to present to people to encourage them to read and learn.

What I Could Do

  • I could join toastmasters
  • I could sign up for 1:1 training (many resources out there)
  • I could just make myself to continue to do it poorly, which I do now

What I Am Hacking To Do

  • I prepare and do mock presentations by myself
  • I accept invitations when my manager do pre-presentation sessions
  • I record myself doing the mock presentations with video as well as audio transcription service Trint which really shows me how poorly or well I’m pronouncing words!!!  I love love this hack!

Next Steps

  • While I hack with fixing my pronunciation, I will join toastmaster to fix the fear of speaking in front of an audience.