The Finger Power In Badminton

finger power 1

finger power 2

finger power 3

@Tony Tam That’s right! It gives you more control and racket speed if you relax the fingers before you hit, but for power, you still need to figure out how to do the weights transfer! Weight transfer has something to do with the body, shoulder, forearm, and wrist rotation. You used to have problem with the rotation and sequence of the rotation. For example, if you rotate the hip and shoulder at the same time, that is wrong sequence. The correct way to do it is first rotate the hip, then shoulder, elbow, and the wrist goes last. Usually the bigger muscle like hip leads the small muscle like hand or wrist, however; a lot of people do it the other way around just because it’s natural the wrist goes before the body since it reacts faster. That’s why we need to get training for how to move the big/heavy muscle faster and get the sequence correct. People who has poor coordination and core strength will find it challenge.