Talk About Your Frustrations

Dear future self:

Today, you were frustrated at your teenage daughter that she was 10 minutes later in leaving the house for high school. Even though she is the only one affected, you felt that it reflected on your personal value to be early or on time.

You expressed to your daughter that you were mad at her for being late and you are getting over it soon.

She told you we are now even for the other time that she was angry at you for telling her grandparents something important that she wanted to not disclose.

When you dropped her off and you told her you are all over the issue and she actually arrived 8 minutes early for school. You told her she is the most wonderful daughter, gave her a hug. She remarked that ‘now I am your wonderful daughter!’

Future self, talk about your frustrations. It is not easy and not natural. But keep on practicing it!