Thank You For Your Feedback

Sunset at Newburryport, MA

This week I practiced what Lyn Campbell recommended during our interview on Impactful Engineer (read here).  I asked for feedback from someone I work with.  I asked her how she thinks I can improve in meetings.

She generously took the time to give me the following feedback

  • During one of our meetings about a previous mentorship program, she said that even though what I suggested was correct, I was too directive and came off as telling what was wrong and what I thought need to be fixed for a mentoring program.  Even though my feedback was correct, but because I was very harsh in my delivery, my intention of helping the program may have put the people in a defense mode. Instead I should be much softer in how I phrase my suggestions and perhaps start the sentence with “What if we.. What do you think if we did ..”

It was difficult to listen to harsh feedback, but it was so right on.  It’s consistent feedback that I got from my lovely wife about how I am also with my personal relationships.

After this feedback from work, I realize I have obvious behavior changes I need to make.  I also wanted to point out that it was hard to hear this type of feedback, but it’s also much needed advice for both at work and in my personal life.


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