Cost of good habits are in the present, cost of bad habits are in the future.

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits – During the early phases of forming a good habit (going to the gym, eating healthier, saving for retirement) there is no immediate reward. However with bad habits (eating ice cream, watching Netlifx, scrolling through Instagram), we get immediate reward.

Unfortunately humans are flawed, we tend to avoid things that give us pain and do more of what feels good as a default. In his book, he recommends building in a reward in order to trick the brain to do more of what is good for us. For example, getting a massage after a workout. Setting aside a fund to Travel to Europe, when we skip going to the restaurant.

Atomic Habits is one of the most easy to read and actionable book I have encountered. Each chapter is 10 pages, at the end there are bullet items to summarize the book.