Proposal – Tech mentorship success / failure – Part 3

(follow up to part 2 of tech mentorship)

What does a success mentorship look like?

  • Both mentor and mentee are getting something out of the experience.
  • They meet regularly, or the mentee feels free to reach out when they have issues/questions to work out.
  • They hold themselves accountable to each other, if their are action items and follow ups.
  • The mentee is learning and growing in the mentorship and/or are introduced to others who are helping them.

What does failure look like?

  • Both or either side really does not want to meet anymore, there is no real flow of information, exchange of ideas or value from the meetings.
  • Meetings are cancelled regularly by either side.
  • There is very little or no followup from action items on either side.
  • One or both sides agree there should be a re-match of the mentorship.