Tech Mentorship Final Proposal

Target audience:

Female engineers at the 2, 3, 4 levels


Introduce them to engineers, at least 2 levels beyond, who can help them with

  • Expanding their technical breath, depth and quality.
  • Review their work and help them think about ways to increase their impact.
  • Improve their problem solving skills.
  • Expose them to opportunities they normally would never get
  • Help them to be long term successful at Splunk and their future careers


The mentees should initiate most of the meetings and topic proposals that they are willing to talk about and work on.

Meetings should be regular (60 minutes a week) to start, until the 6th week.

Managers for mentee and mentor should be informed and help support the effort.

Mentors try to honor the 1:1 meetings time and postpone only if absolutely necessary.


Any side should disengage and politely thank the other side, if the match does not work out. Reach out to folks running the program for help in disengaging.

All conversation topics are confidential unless explicitly given permission to share.