In the areas of learning and development

(This post is not for you, it’s for me)

It started out as 5% of my time.  Just a 4-hour hands-on workshop with new hires once a month.  Now it’s the following

  • 1 engineer working on developing a hands-on workshop that will track start, finish, and verification.  Able to track usage, validate answers and replace getting started guides written on wiki pages.
  • the same engineer running 2 hour bootcamp every other week, and 6 hour bootcamp every other week.
  • same engineer managing developer compilation farms
  • a principal engineer developing deep learning courses, coding styles, prototyping common tools, writing doxygen documentation inline to help hundreds of engineers learn our code base better
  • nifty tools used by engineers daily (url shorteners, license key servers, documentation servers, common docker image build)
  • Friday tips written for developers to get stuff done
  • Weekly tech talks series (ML, Internal)
  • Piloting apprenticeship programs to bring non-traditional CS programs
  • Managing learning paths
  • Managing Saucelabs relationships
  • Prototyping tools to learn more about the pull request data
  • Managing mentorship programs for women in tech, as well as company wide mentorship, helping with deep and focused mentorship programs
  • Running area mentorship programs
  • Recording and distributing other deep dive technical talks
  • Engaging with Learning and Development to work on learning initiatives for engineers.


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