Valid criticism of Obama

While reading the book “Skin in the Game”, I saw several negative references to Barack Obama. At first I chalked it up for something for me to think about. After the latest reference on pg 156, I thought for brief moment to brush it off as a conservative author taking shots at a democratic president.

I flipped through the index and found all the references and I do agree with most of his criticism of Obama. I think his greatest achievement is getting universal health care, but his greatest fail is leaving us with a much divided nation which allows someone like Trump to be president. Making a fortune off of a memoir (his and Michelle’s) … I don’t really know what to make of that.

pg 12: “complicit Obama administration that wanted to protect the game and the rent-seeking bankers”

pg 108: “I said in the Prologue 1 that the Obama administration was complicit with the Bob Rubin trade. We have plenty of evidence that they were afraid of rocking the boat and contradicting the cronies”

pg 138: “When, on leaving office, Barack Obama accepted a sum of more than $40 million to write his memoirs, many people were outraged”

pg 156: “Actually, the best actor is the one nobody realizes is an actor: a closer look at Barack Obama shows that he was even more of an actor: a fancy Ivy League education combined with a liberal reputation is compelling as an image builder”