Hiring practice thoughts and questions

I’m looking for a list of best practices, (maybe mechanics) with data to back up recommendations:

For example, starting with resume reviews all the way to closing the candidates. (some random thoughts )

1) In the resume tool: Do you create a set of standard templates to send? Do you try to respond by a certain number of days? Do you contact the candidate directly, or always let the recruiter do it?

2) In the resume review, what assumptions do you make? Do you assume that you have biases, the resume may not present the candidate perfectly? Whose time do you optimize for? Meaning, would you rather cast a wider net and have your screeners pick out the candidate from the phone screen?

3) Each part of our funnel (resume review, technical phone screen, recruiter phone screen) what are we optimizing for?

4) When we are hiring for a single position, do we keep the hiring panel the same so we can easily calibrate? Who are our best interviewers, and why are they good?

5) For the interview panel, which managers make you feel your time is well spent? And why? Is it because they set the expectations, they give you good questions to ask? Does the hiring manager have good follow up, clear decision-making process on whether they move forward with a candidate?

6) Finally, within our own company, who has gotten this hiring pipeline down to a science and doing it really well? (and how do we know when we are doing a good job for ourselves and for the candidate applying?)

7)I think it becomes more important when we recognize the job search/match system is not perfect. People don’t apply to the right position 50% of the time and we probably don’t write the position perfectly. When we see those diamonds, regardless of whether they are a great fit for our team, we should reel them into company.