workflow: How I read articles online

Roast Magazine

When I want to read any online article either on my desktop or mobile, I save the link into Pocket in order to get the same minimimalist, no ads view on my phone or desktop. This removes any ads, any sidebar (more info) and gives me a consistent view into any online article. The color is the same, fonts are consistent.

Problems Pocket solves for me:

  1. Ads from online articles
  2. Different formating and color on every news, blog site
  3. Unwanted non-ads content promotions on top, side and bottom
  4. Content I want to read, shared with me, but not organized in one place
  5. I want to read content later, non-synchronous to the time when it was shared tome
  6. Listen to text content via audio when I’m driving, doing dishes or sweeping leaves


Get a link (mobile or desktop) ->
Share to Pocket ->
Read now on Pocket or read it later ->

Get a link (mobile or desktop) ->
Share to Pocket ->
Listen to the text via audio ->

Here is a quick video.