Android Dev: Linting

In order to suppress linting warnings that do not make sense, one can use the @SuppressLint decorator.  In order to know which warning string to use, here is a quick time.  Thank you StackOverflow

Tonys-MacBook-Air:tools tonytam$ pwd

Tonys-MacBook-Air:tools tonytam$ !.
./bin/lint --list | grep -i used

"UnusedAttribute": Attribute unused on older versions
"UnsafeDynamicallyLoadedCode": load used to dynamically load code
"UnusedNamespace": Unused namespace
"UnusedQuantity": Unused quantity translations
"SetWorldReadable": File.setReadable() used to make file world-readable
"SetWorldWritable": File.setWritable() used to make file world-writable
"UnusedResources": Unused resources
"UnusedIds": Unused id
"EnforceUTF8": Encoding used in resource files is not UTF-8