50th – embracing my engineer’ness

Golden Gate Park ferries wheel

On my 50th birthday, at 6:27am my father at 81 years old, sent me a happy birthday message! He has been my role model, his quiet way of being there for the family, showing and doing rather than talking, his love for me and his expectation that I should reach my potential and his beaming pride of his son; I am the man because of his love. I thank my dad for showing me the way, taking care of our family and also that I feel his love for me every day.
My mom sent me a message as well. I thank you for how she is kind and generous with people and situations and her calmness is what I aspire to learn. I feel her love for me every single day.

On my 50th, I will celebrate with my wife and daughter.  I will also celebrate for the next 7 days

Day 1: I will join the ACM lifetime membership. A true engineer, I will fully embrace this part of my life, I am proud to be able to give back to others because my engineering training and 30 years of practice. I will spend the day with my family, with no work.acm lifetime membership

Day 2: I will spend the day with the love of my life. 

Day 3: I will start a new bullet journal for my 50th birthday year.

Day 4: I will help my nephew learn Python programming.

Day 5: I will send an email to 9 people who are most important to me in my life telling them why they have impacted me. (TBD)

Day 6: I will contribute to AntennaPod towards my goal of becoming the top 10 contributor in 2021.

Day 7: I will setup a scholarship for Chinese immigration children in highschool who want to combine software programming and art, music, prose to contribute something that is meaningful and inspiring for others. (TBD)

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