Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg: Episode 26: Jack Dorsey and Matt Mullenweg on Remote Collaboration, Finding Serendipity, and the Art of Deliberate Work


And I think I have three jobs, I think there are three reasons why the company hires me every day in my role. And the number one is to create a healthy team dynamic. That’s the interconnection between the members of the team. It’s the ‘how we work together’ it’s the purpose that aligns us, it’s the values or the principles that guide our work to serve that purpose better. 


And job number two is to insure that decisions are being made. I see a signal and if I have to make a decision that ultimately there is something I can, I’ll say debug in the organization, and I think it’s more important that I insure that the organization is making decisions and not just that they are making decisions but they are making decisions in context of our purpose, in context of our customers who are serving, in context of the technology trends that are emergent, in context of societal or cultural trends that are emergent and they are showing that context as they make these decisions.


And then third is I believe my third job is to raise the bar on what we thought was possible. As we get older as individuals and as companies, as we grow, we tend to take things for granted, we tend to stop asking questions around various aspects of who we are and what we are, what we’ve built, we tend to take less risk because we are more precious about what we have built up and what we have and we don’t want to lose it.