My Next Role 2022

cinnamon tree

It’s that time, the 7-year job itch. As a rule of thumb, I tell myself to be open to exploring opportunities and not stay in one company for too long. I was at Yahoo for way too long (16 years) and now with Splunk for 7 years.

It’s healthy to be open to different roles in the same company or other companies to see what skills the industry is looking for.

Someone asked me what I am looking for

First: 100% remote is a very big bonus. We have a 2nd home in Hawaii and I would like to freely travel between SF and Hawaii. I do not want to go back to a life of commuting for 3+ hours a day (which I did for 20+ years)

Second: Being a first or second-line manager is what gives me the opportunity to stay close to execution, being close to where the ICs are doing work. I enjoy coaching engineers, and helping them get unblocked. I also enjoy working with product managers and designers and executing a product vision.

Third: Believing the product I’m responsible for or the company is going to be a positive impact on the world and has the potential to be one of the market leaders.

cinnamon tree
The brown part is the cinnamon stick that you usually buy in stores. The outside bark has to be stripped and the red/brown part has to be dried and shaped