Asian American Artists on Patreon

Where we spend our time and money reflect our true priorities. I have decided to support Asian American creators (artists, singles, podcast creators, etc) through Patreon.

If you have not heard of Patreon (it’s a play on the word Patron). It’s an online platform to provide a money payment to creators so that they have a predictable monthly income in exchange for exclusive content . It’s a platform for the the most die hard fans to support the artists who give them joy.

Asian American Artists on Patreon

Wong Fu Productions

They are the OG of You Tube videos by Asian Americans for Asian Americans. they create shorts, films and web series. A lot of artists got their start as Wong Fu interns or employees! From Patreon: When we first started Wong Fu Productions, we had no expectations. We weren’t expecting to be well known or popular. We weren’t expecting to be role models or a voice for Asian Americans in media. We weren’t even expecting to get paid!
A lot has changed since those simple days in the mid-2000s. Most for the better! We’ve created hundreds of videos that have touched millions of peoples’ lives around the world. 

Kina Grannis –

She creates videos and music and has over 1,712 patrons. She also starred in several Wong Fu videos. From Patreon: ” I think music is a magical thing. It has comforted and healed and inspired me throughout my life, and that is what I hope to do for others with the music I create. I want to connect with people and help them feel less alone (and I want them to help me feel less alone, too!). I want to bring hope and happiness to peoples lives. I want to help people feel. If this is something you believe in, something that feels important to you in some way, then this is the place where you get to be a part of all of that.


Ross Draws –

Ross Tran creates illustrations and engagement YouTube videos and shows you how to get better drawing digitally. From Patreon: Thanks to all of you amazing souls who have joined the adventure with us on Patreon! We’ve continued to hit goals and have blossomed into one of the most successful Art Channels in existence. We get to create super fun, educational, energy-infused Art Videos and it’s all thanks to you! I’m so honored to have many of you be part of the epic journey and this is only the beginning.
Over the year we’ve upped the production quality of the Video Demos and bringing you more exclusive content such as Merch!


Andrew Huang –

He creates a huge number of music tracks 2,000, super creative sounds! From Patreon: I’m Andrew, a producer of many songs and many videos. I post musical videos every Monday and Thursday, and by pledging $1 per week you’ll help me to keep creating new and better things. In return I’ll send you all the music I release for however long you remain a patron – usually around 100 songs a year! There are also other rewards you can find out more about on the right. You also get a lot of music right away, and three sample packs. As soon as you become a patron you’ll be taken to a page with links for Patreon-exclusive music downloads, including many of the songs from my videos plus my gigantic b-sides compilation Abandon which in itself is 1,426 tracks and 53 hours long.

ceik0 –

This artist built her brand on Instagram @ceik0 drawing and selling BTS pins, posters, key chains and many more engagement. She is a college student in MA. From her page: “Hi, I’m Cate! I’m an (aspiring) artist and full-time college student currently based in Massachusetts. I sell pins, charms, prints, and stickers at my shop, and I post drawings and updates to my Instagram. The products I create are mainly BTS-inspired— they’ve been such a positive influence on me both artistically and personally, and drawing is my outlet for that happiness and motivation!

Alex Wong –

He creates stories through music. Very engaging artist in sound and singer.

From Patreon: I started this page two years ago as a way to open a window into the process of making my second solo album, The Elephant and the Seahorse. It was amazing to get to interact with my patrons during the creative process because I love when art is a conversation and not just a monologue. What I didn’t expect was how much that conversation would change my whole approach to creating! Knowing that I was sharing my new, unpolished creations with a community of people who were actively listening, rather than just throwing them into the abyss of the internet and hoping for a like or two, motivated me to create more freely and boldly than I ever thought possible. It even inspired me to start creating WITH MY PATRONS, as we did in the video for The Quiet Voice (above).


Minji Chang –

She is the host of the First All Podcast. From Patreon:

Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Minji Chang, host of First Of All, your weekly podcast snack for your soul. 

First Of All is a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. As your host, I’ll be bringing in my friends & special guests from all walks of life to kick back in my virtual living room. Together we’ll laugh (warning, I’m loud), cry (it’s okay, let it out), drop whatever knowledge we have, & speak our truth on weekly featured topics plus a special advice segment called IMO (In My Opinion) addressing questions from you, our beloved listeners. Get ready for good times & all the feels.