• Daring Greatly – Strive to be better!
  • Good and Mad – I didn’t finish reading this book, but in general the book emphasizes channeling out anger for large social change.
  • Atomic Habits – One of my favorites, need to read again
  • Clean 20 – Keep on reminding me about so much data out there on how to eat better.
  • Tell Me More (2nd time) – The 2nd time around is even better.  How to think about our own shortcomings as humans.  How to forgive ourselves and how to forgive others.
  • Skin In The Game – Nassim Nicholas Taleb – “Love this book! I’ve already put in practice to not recommend something if I don’t have skin in the game, and it helped me identify who does not have skin in the game and thus false decision making”
  • Dear Data – Giorgia Lupi, Stefanie Posavec – pending
  • Deep Work – pending
  • Every Page is Page One – pending
  • Anime Impact – Comprehensive look at anime films, one per year.
  • Pragmatic Programmer – “Gems after gems, I cannot believe I never read this book”
  • Past Tense – Lee Child – “Really enjoyed all of Jack Reacher books – this one, he shows his sense of what is right and wrong, and ability to pass judgment and punish those who do wrong.  Unsurprisingly, he gets this sense of justice from his father.   This book is his journey to find out his father’s own journey when he joins the Marines:”
  • Consider the Lobster
  • Small Fry – Engaging writer, a reminder that a public image of famous people do not tell the entire picture
  • Phantom Prey – John Sanford
  • 1984 – George Orwell
  • Design Your Life
  • Neon Pray
  • Pachinko



  • Tell Me More *
  • Do I Make Myself Clear
  • Dragon Fish
  • 57 Bus
  • Tribe Of Mentors *
  • Tools Of Titan *
  • Everybody Lies
  • That’s What She Said
  • Sapiens
  • Factfulness
  • Alone Together
  • Start With Why
  • Tipping Point
  • Seeing Like a State
  • HyperFocus

I want to read

Software Engineering

  • Effective Engineer – Every engineering whether you are just out of college or have been in the industry should read this about how you can personally be more effective and work on high leverage work.


  • Stumbling on Happiness – I have read this book and listened to the audio book countless times.  It helps you understand the human mind and how happiness can be achieved by following the path of other people

Books I Want to Read

  • Recommendation from Coding Horror https://blog.codinghorror.com/recommended-reading-for-developers/