Pink Lady Apple Popsicles (archive 2007)

Cate loves loves ice cream. In order to balance her craving against the saturated fats of ice cream, I make her popsicles out of strawberries, raspberries and apples.

Her favorite is lady pink apple ones.

1) Take 6 lady pinks, wash and juice them
2) Take a cheese cloth and filter the juice 3 times to remove all the pulp
3) pour into ice cube makers and freeze for 3 hours.

Very sweet and healthy ice popsicles!! I let her eat has much as she wants.



Paris Trip Day 4 : Compromises (2008)

I’m usually not good at resolving conflicts. In the dating environment, I would just run away. At work, we’ll try to figure out the ‘right’ way and usually the ‘right’ way wins.

With Cate, usually the only way that wins is to compromise

Last night I was trying to convince Cate to fall asleep sooner as she complain that she can’t fall asleep.

Tony: “If you fall asleep, tomorrow we’ll head to the trampoline right after breakfast” and..
Cate: 5 minutes later she is asleep.

Tony: After the trampoline, I want to head to my favorite French restaurant, Petite Pontoise but
Cate wants to head home and rest afterwards

Tony wants to walk around Sacre Cour but
Cate wants to help Tony cook and film the entire session and pretend the moose and kitty finger puppets are actually cooking

A long day..

Cate will be meeting her babysitter in Paris tomorrow, she falls asleep in 5 minutes after her head hits the pillows and..
Tony sitting in bed and staring out at the beautiful night view of Sacre Cour, I am the luckiest guy in the world! Perspectives!

No coffee for you Dad !!!

Kate and I got into an argument Monday morning, I think it was about wearing clothes or maybe I was slow in getting up in the morning.

She wrote me a note

“No Coffee For You Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I asked her why I don’t get any coffee and she said

K : “Because when you are mad, your favorite things get taken away”

Me: “What about you? When you are mad, what favorite things can I take away?”
(I was expecting a toy or dessert or a doll)

K: “You! you are my favorite, you can’t take yourself away! haaa. You won’t ever leave me.. isn’t that funny dad?”

Me: “That was pretty sweet kate” (kids are pretty damn funny and they really know how to make you feel good huh?)

I was pretty speachless, I kept on laughing and gave her a hug.

Cate: nap time

The only reason why I like driving on weekends, Kate gets a much needed nap.

Heading into the city for some food at the Ferry Building, then kite flying
at Crissy Fields, then watch a dance performance with Kate, my mom and
sister in oakland.

I’m getting a much needed tan sitting in traffic with my shirt off.

Love the Bay Area