CHANGELOG – Tony making changes

Am I adjusting based on core values strengths

Dec 14, 2021

[P] Switching to tennis, created and playing in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
[W] Thinking about life after Splunk – resume updated

[P] moving to 1/2 decaf for my caffeine, to try to narrow down my recurring headaches. MRI last week did not show anything abnormal

[P] Reading Super Thinking book
[W] Getting ready to take on more productivity backlog

Dec 24, 2019

[P] Habit, meditate, coffee, cracking the interview, listen to part of a book (Winners Take All), read part of a book
[W] .conf impact, blog about sharing links, pushing go/docker images, go/tools

Nov 13, 2019
[W] A. reached out for mentor. B. reach out to want to be a mentor
[P] Send C. a lot of TCHO chocolates to go onboard to express to her that I’m thinking of her.

Nov 14, 2019
[W] N. reached out about switching to management.