core values strengths

2021 Better Up Strengths

Tony’s Core Values

2006 to 2018 (present)


(feeling alive, strive to keep on improving, eye lite up, influencing others, uniqueness)
compassionate ( forgiveness, empathy, good heart, thinking of others, turning the tables, being in other people’s shoes)
awareness (don’t accept the norm, be self critical, be aware of what others are doing, being able to be an outside of mind experience and looking objectively)
openess (admit fault, apologize when appropriate, reveal own faults, point out thing that don’t work well, open to change for the better, be aware of my own short comings)
food value (memory, grab it, enjoy this moment, make memory, richness life, it’s for you, just for tony, enjoy food given permission, freedom)
independence (freedom, willing to just go for it, exploring)
living without regrets ( if there is something I did not say, do yet and if I would regret it at my death bed, I will make it happen now)