Tennis: strings and tension

Recently my friends at and I have switched to tennis due to COVID-19. I play everyday for about 1 to 2 hours practicing my serves and with my new ball machine, basic hitting forehand and backhand. When the strings on my new EZONE 100 finally broke after 1 month of daily playing, I asked […]

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Tennis serves

Badminton turned Tennis player: Serving grip

During COVID-19, my attention has turned towards learning tennis. In the mornings I practice 1 to 2 hours of just serving as I try to understand the learn about the game. This morning, I was able to understand the correct grip to get the slice for the tennis ball.

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Advice: For The Person In My Life

This life is your experience, you have control over it, no one else. Meet people, students, faculty! Find your people. Be wrong often. Ask for help Worthy of your time Be Nice Shower your world with the best of you can offer.

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