1. Read 10 books 3/10 https://tonytam.org/books
  2. Play 2 singles badminton games a week https://sfbadminton.org/tonysingles
  3. Contribute projects to k8s, Splunk and Splunk Core.
  4. Launch engineering Splunk Core onboarding.
  5. Visit parents 2 Thursday a month.
  6. Give C. a photo book of 2 of us.
  7. Give K. a massage once a week.
  8. 5 nights of no phone in bedroom a week. Turn off phone when I get home.
  9. Help get I Privé back in financial health.
  10. Exercise 3 times from Peloton, every morning after coffee
  11. Sleep by 10:30pm on weeknights, set alarm for 10:15
  12. Set 3 intentions everyday, before leaving car
  13. Set 3 intentions every week, before leaving car
  14. Write first 20 years of mom’s life.