Podcasts I Listen To Regularly

The following are the podcast I listen to on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Motley Fool Money (weekly summary) and Market Foolery (daily) – sensible investment advice, funny takes on businesses
  • Az16 – brought to you by BenedictEvans, on venture capital as well as mega trends in the tech industry
  • Software Engineering Radio – hard core interviews with people in the industry
  • Leo Laporte : The Tech Guy – I mostly listen to the first 10 minutes where Leo does a commentary on the last tech news. He has been in the media business covering tech for more than 25 years. He has a lot of historical perspective. The show is a question and answer style to help people with any random question about tech gadgets.
  • KQED Forum with Michael Krasney – a 3 hour long show with indent interviews and on the news of the in the Bay Area
  • NPR: Ted Radio Hour – Instead of listening to individual TED talks, this radio show combines 5 TED talks into a themed show with interviews and snippets from the speakers and weaves a coherent meta topic. Some interesting ones are ‘What Makes Us..Us’, ‘Growing Up’, ‘Becoming Wise’
  • Freakanomics Radio – from the authors of the book ‘Freakanomics’ talking about the science and data behind everything topics. To make you think about how and why things happen they way they do.
  • Tribe of mentors
  • Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – This is a recording the Stanford class where they bring in startup and business leaders to talk to students about how real CEO and founders started their companies and how they began their journey.
  • This Week In Startups
  • Modern Love
  • Why Oh Why
  • Recode Decode With Kara Swisher