Tony’s Tennis Rackets

July 2022 – a lot of control

I feel in control with this string

Sept 2021

May 2021 – strung at 55 to try
July 2021 – strung at 53 to give more power

May 2021

Very soft, a lot of control. Recommended by coach Bryan.

Head Pro 2.0

My favorite racket of 2020, giving me a lot of control, not much power

Nov 27th, 2020
Head Pro Tour 2.0 4 3/8″
– Babolat RPM Blast 17 String @ 60

Rackets on my list

Really powerful serves at 58lbs, still not that much control


– Aug 2021

For slices, same motion as an end to end slice but stop in the middle of the motion to land in front and then skid off

For loopy forehand, turn the hip along with the racket to give it forward motion

Return of high backhand, switch the grip to be fully eastern, hit the ball shoulder height.