I work on multiple laptops and I work as if my entire laptop could be lost at any time.  This forces me to put everything on the cloud and also prepare to restore my laptop environment multiple times a year.  I also work as if my mobile phone can be lost at any time,


  • Chrome : signed in to save history
  • Instapaper : Android, Chrome
  • Android Studio
  • XCode Developer Tools for git
  • Sublime editor
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • f.lux : dimming the screen to reduce eye strain

Favorite Tools Across Multiple Devices

  • Feedly : to read
  • Evernote : capture long form, long lived notes
  • Google Keep : A lot list of todo (I’ve tried other more fancy todo lists, but settle for this)
  • Trello : To keep my life themes
  • Google Docs: To keep family documents to be shared with my wife
  • IFTTT alerting when it’s raining tomorrow
  • WordPress : online journaling

Android Phone

  • Extra battery
  • WeChat
  • Aviate Home Screen: Phone, K9 Mail, Yahoo Mail, Calendar, Google Keep, SMS, Yelp, Trello, Feedly, Camera, WeChat, BeyondPod, Chrome, Yahoo Finance, NYTimes
  • InstaCart : so I never have to go to a grocery store
  • Lyft : to call for cars (Uber as a backup)
  • Google Maps : useful for planning commute
  • Waze for real time driving directions to avoid traffic jams
  • Hulu : entertainment to watch old TV shows
  • Hoopla : to borrow videos, CD from the San Francisco public library
  • Pandora : $ to listen to music without fiddling with play lists
  • Kindle: to read when I don’t have my physical Kindle device
  • Adobe Acrobat : reading PDF
  • Amazon app: shopping!
  • BART Usher : real time bart arrival times (rarely used)
  • Zinio : reading magazines downloaded from the San Francisco public library
  • Yahoo Digest
  • Authenticator : 2nd factor authentication for Dropbox, Evernote, Google, GitHub, Facebook, Microsoft
  • Brightest Flashlight
  • CaltrainDroid : commute to the south bay for work
  • Chrome to Phone
  • Coursera : want to learn
  • Duo Mobile : 2nd factor authentication for work
  • Feedly : reading from the cloud
  • Flixster : movies and ratings of upcoming movies
  • Flywheel : in case Lyft or Uber are to expensive
  • Gmail : for my multiple gmail.com accounts
  • IF : IFTTT alerting when it’s raining tomorrow
  • Instagram : for I Privé restaurant
  • Facebook : for I Privé restaurant

Daily Use

  • BeyondPod