Proposal for tech mentorship v2

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Target audience : P2, P3, P4

Guidelines for matching : 2 levels separation

Why be a mentee ? Ask question of someone who have been where you are at, give you a perspective that you normally don’t see, spend time with you to help you grow technically in a safe space. This person is not in your direct chain of command so there is less at stake.

Why be a mentor? It’s what we expect of our senior leaders. Part of expanding your impact in our organization. Giving you another fresh perspective that you might not be exposed to? You can learn to communicate better, again, by having exposure to different perspectives.


  • Technical Mentor
  • Mentor for career growth
  • Coach
  • Advocate

What role do managers play?

  • Manager usually should not be the person’s mentor, but in certain situations, they can be. There could be multiple levels of conflict of interest.
  • Manages should certainly be coaches, advocates, but again there is some levels of conflicts of interest.

How do we know if things are going well or not? Is the match working out or not for both sides?