The Cycle Of Creating Software

As software engineers, our job is to create useful services for other humans or other services that depend on our services. In the idealize world, we write software, deploy and move on. In the real world we have think about Writing software Debugging our own software for bugs Testing it locally for the change, but […]

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All Zoom’ed Out

At work, someone wanted to talk with me about answering the question of “Do people at work feel zoom fatique?” What would be a good way to look at this question from a data perspective? I proposed the following question, now that we don’t have to commute, shouldn’t we Be having more time in the […]

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Long term investment

Investment thesis Is this business going be stronger 10 years from now? Is this business dominate and unique in the industry? For every dollar it earns, how much of it does it keep for itself? Do you love the product?

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My superpower is “troubleshooting” for engineers

My superpower in life and at work is “troubleshooting”. I’m an engineer who helps other engineers when they are stuck. This could mean very detail technical issues that engineers run into that takes them hours to solve. They will bring that problem to me and usually through some questions and answers with me, we can […]

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Golden Gate Park ferries wheel

50th – embracing my engineer’ness

On my 50th birthday, at 6:27am my father at 81 years old, sent me a happy birthday message! He has been my role model, his quiet way of being there for the family, showing and doing rather than talking, his love for me and his expectation that I should reach my potential and his beaming […]

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