2023 – Celebrating A Milestone

I am a huge believer in Celebrate The Wins In Your Life and I’ve reminded my direct reports and mentees at work that it’s important to stop and savor the moment when they have arrived at a milestone in our long journey of work and life. These are birthdays, important anniversaries, work recognition.. etc

Over the last several years, I’ve made a transition from an individual contributor to management and I was given the opportunity to lead multiple engineering teams. While I was already doing the work, my title didn’t reflect the scope of responsibilities. In late 2022, my title officially changed to Director of Engineering of Developer Ecossytem.

The way I celebrated

Friday – treated Cate and Katherine to one of our favorite restaurants in San Francsico at Catogna

Saturday – visited my parents and sister’s family

Sunday – Omakase Japanese meal with Cate and KT

Monday – Treated myself to a big bowl of Pho

Tuesday – hot chicken sandwich at Kezar cafe

Wednsday – bought a new electric toothbrush to take care of the weakest part of my health, UTR tennis match

Thursday – dinner with Felicia and Katherine

Friday – a bonus celebration at Cybells to try out vegan pizza, UTR tennis match