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link: Podcast What will it take for Uber to change? #deleteuber

New York Times technology reporter Mike Isaac talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher and The Verge’s Lauren Goode about the controversies that have plagued Uber for the past two months. In a new profile of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Isaac reported that the company ran afoul of Apple’s rules by keeping track of the iPhones on which Uber had been deleted and re-downloaded. The trio talks about whether Uber’s culture will — or can — be reshaped at this point and why Kalanick is unlikely to lose his job, a


What Changes When We Get Older? 

After turning 46 year old last year, I was talking with my wife about how I feel differently compared with when I was 39 years old. 

I tried to recall how I thought when I graduated at 22, when I was working hard at 29, when my daughter was borned at 31, I was divorced at 35, working to find myself again after 35.

The difference at 46 is that my time horizon when I make decisions is much longer. Actions are made by considering the longer term results and consequences. For example, the financial investments I make now is for 15 years down the road. When I organize groups to play badminton and how I think about why I play, I think about playing when I am 75 years old. I am thinking about how I would change my playing style to get ready for the next 20 years.