Older People Rule

As I’m getting closer to 50, either I feel young or 50 year old body is not that fragile yet. I’m still competing with 20 year olds on the badminton courts, smashing and moving just as hard and fast. The advantage of being older is that we don’t care as much what others think anymore. […]

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art, paris

Artist: Hyun Jeung’s prints

During a random walk in Paris, we saw some beautiful prints of flowers in the window of an artist studio. The 3 of us stood there admiring them and the artist waved us in. See Hyun Jeung’s background And of course checkout the amazingly beautiful work. This week she sent out a new series.

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Moment Lens

Recently I purchased a pair of used Moment Lens (macro and wide) for my Pixel 3a phone. This is an experiment using the macro lens

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