Tony Tam is a first generation Chinese American who immigrated to San Francisco at 10.  He grew up in the San Francisco public school system benefiting from the ESL program, went to Lowell High School and eventually graduating from UC Berkeley in computer science.  He worked as a software engineer for Yahoo for 16 years and now works on helping engineers be more productive and impactful at Splunk. Inc.  He has mentored more than 20 engineers in his career and has found a passion outside of work to capture the stories of software engineers in order to help others on his website Impactful Engineer.  He and his wife are raising his daughter Cate in the heart of San Francisco.  

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Professional Software Engineer

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Software engineer at
   Silicon Graphics from 1995 to 1999 –
      Yahoo! from 1999 to 2016 –
         Splunk from 2016 to present.

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Founder of the original Yahoo vs Google badminton tournament in 2007

( became the Bay Area Corporate Badminton Challenge )

Badminton: Google vs. Yahoo

Badminton: Google vs. Yahoo

Badminton: Google vs Yahoo!

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