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Deeply helping people achieve their greatest positive impact by leveraging technology – “None of us need to have the whole solution, we just have the part, together we can make it whole.” – Katherine T.

Fall Leaves in San Francisco


Tony Tam is a first-generation Chinese American who immigrated to San Francisco at 10.  He grew up in the San Francisco public school system, benefited from the ESL program, graduated from Lowell High School, and graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Computer Science. 

In front of the new Calgary Central Public Library

After working as a software engineer for Silicon Graphics for 4 years, Yahoo for 16 years, he helped engineers be more productive and impactful at Splunk. Inc.  He has mentored more than 20 engineers in his career and has found a passion outside of work to capture software engineers’ stories to help others on his website Impactful Engineer.  He and his wife work and live in San Francisco, while his daughter is in Medford, MA.  

Tony & his daughter in Paris 2009 & 2016

Core Values

Driven by “Help Make The Largest Number of People Successful

Passionate – feeling alive, striving to improve, eyes lit up, influencing others, and unique.

Compassionate – forgiveness, empathy, maintain a good heart, thinking of others, turning the tables, being in other people’s shoes.

Awareness – don’t accept the norm, be self-critical, be aware of what others are doing, be an outsider of my own experience, and look objectively.

Openness – admit fault, apologize when appropriate, reveal my faults, point out things that don’t work well, be open to change for the better, and be aware of my shortcomings.

Living without regrets – asking myself this every day.

What He Does with His Time

Blog Posts By Topic

Parenting | Running Every Paris Metro Stop | Working @ Yahoo for 16 years | Latte Art | Being An Engineer | Travel To Paris & Beyond | Restaurant Owner | Journey To 2,400 Push Up In 24 Hours | Getting Things Done

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Tony’s family in China – 1976.

Professional Software Engineer

LinkedIn Profile:

Software engineer at Silicon Graphics from 1995 to 1999

Yahoo! from 1999 to 2016     

Splunk from 2016 to present as Sr. Principal Productivity Engineer

Resume here

Inspired by Atomic Habits

  • I am a badminton player – play every Mon, Wed, Sat.
  • I am a meditation practitioner – every day at 6:20
  • I am a coffee drinker – every day at 6:30
  • I am a lifelong learner – every day after meditation.
  • I am a reader – every day after meditation.
  • I am a thoughtful and engaging father – every communication with Cate.
  • I am a loving and supportive husband – whenever I see my wife.
  • I am a thoughtful son – whenever I see my parents.
  • I am a mentor to young software engineers – when I mentor 8 engineers at Splunk.
  • I am a software engineer who helps everyone in my company get work done and remove roadblocks – every day at Splunk.

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