Making a difference in the large corporate world

While chatting informally with some co-workers, I heard some of them talking about their frustrations about not feeling recognized for their work or working on projects they don’t think makes a difference. Corporations, which usually mean people in management roles, value those individuals who go beyond doing what they are told to do and lookContinue reading “Making a difference in the large corporate world”

What Makes Us Happy And Motivated At Work?

It’s that time of year for me to reflect on why we are here working everyday.  Please chime in with your thoughts. What motivates us to be happy and motivated at work? Money Recognition Being valued Making a difference in the world and self motivation Money is a great motivator, it’s an enabler for futureContinue reading “What Makes Us Happy And Motivated At Work?”

Making Annual Reviews Easier

  Annual Reviews It’s one of the most important task people in large organizations need to do. But often we don’t spend enough effort and thought compared with the importance of annual reviews to their careers Most People Hate Reviews I’ve been doing my self review for over 12 years now at Yahoo! For theContinue reading “Making Annual Reviews Easier”

Solution Architect: 2nd week iteration on my job at Yahoo!

(Jardin des Tuileries) It has been an exciting 2 weeks for me in my new role as a Solution Architect for Yahoo! Media I have been meeting with a few of our customers which has helped me firm up my thinking of how to approach this role. I break it down into 3 areas. HowContinue reading “Solution Architect: 2nd week iteration on my job at Yahoo!”

My New Role At Yahoo! : Solution Architect

Today I have formally taken up the role of a Solution Architect to help Yahoo! properties on board with a new solution that I help create for Global News My role is defined as follows Solution Architect Expediter – identifies support needed Expert – determines the best solution for a given engagement Consultant – identifiesContinue reading “My New Role At Yahoo! : Solution Architect”

Profile Of a Typical Yahoo! Engineer (2005)

The Typical Yahoo!  Engineer from this point known as Y!E. (this is all my personal ramblings, if it doesn’t fit you, sorry.. it fits me) Y!E is someone who drools when his needs to design his software to work for 30 millions users.   Potentially growing at 40% every year. Y!E designs software with no upperContinue reading “Profile Of a Typical Yahoo! Engineer (2005)”

Why Am I Still Working At Y! News After 8 Years? (2007)

I have been getting the same question recently. Wow, you have been around for 8 years at Yahoo News? What makes you stay? I think I’ll have to write it down to clear it up for myself. The grass is not always greener over at Google, Amazon, the next startup. Look yourself in the mirrorContinue reading “Why Am I Still Working At Y! News After 8 Years? (2007)”

Flips and Jumps at Acrosports Gym in San Francico : My First Published And Paid Writing on Yahoo! Contributor Network

Yahoo! bought a company named Associated Content, which was recently changed to Yahoo! Contributor Network. I am the software architect on the backend content management system for Yahoo! Media and actively working with the engineer trying to integrate the great tools from Associated Content into the Yahoo! infrastructure. In order to truly understand the powerContinue reading “Flips and Jumps at Acrosports Gym in San Francico : My First Published And Paid Writing on Yahoo! Contributor Network”

Photos from Google vs. Yahoo! Badminton Tournament

It was a fun day where employees from 2 companies met up to play our favorite game. I played in 3 events: Men’s Singles A, Men’s Doubles A, Mixed Doubles A and lost all 3 and went into consolation rounds and won the Mixed Doubles A consolation. It was fantastic to organize it and meetContinue reading “Photos from Google vs. Yahoo! Badminton Tournament”

Yahoo!’s History Matters, Damn It!

Sometimes software engineers forget the importance of history. I often sit in meetings at Yahoo! when someone goes on a rant about how bad some of the legacy Yahoo! technology was. I’m referring to HF2K and another technology known as idaho. Which were written almost completely in house and are the equivalent of PHP today.Continue reading “Yahoo!’s History Matters, Damn It!”

Daily Life Of A Yahoo! Engineer (archive 2005)

A Yahoo! Engineer (Y!E) is a very lucky person. Y!E gets into the office anywhere from 6:00am to 10:00am. If this was a bell curve, 80% fall under 9:30-10 Y!E gets to eat freshly cooked omelettes, hot cereal for under $3.00 Y!E gets free espresso drinks all day Y!E gets free pool tables, ping pong,Continue reading “Daily Life Of A Yahoo! Engineer (archive 2005)”