Math Fun – Privacy Policy

What kind of data we store

Math Fun does NOT ask for or collect personal, individually-identifiable information, like names and addresses, from kids or other users. We do not use software that tracks the number of visitors to the app. Math Get To 24 does not collect personal information for any purpose. If you choose to provide us with personal information-like filling out our Contact Us form with an e-mail address and submitting it to us through our website-we will use that information to respond to your message. Math Get To 24 does not create individual profiles from the information provided or distribute the information to other organizations.

What data other parties might collect, store and process

We do not integrate with any 3rd parties, hence we do not store or share any data.


We do not ask for any permissions from your Android Phone.

Updates of this Privacy Policy

We adhere to Federal rules established to protect children’s privacy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 2021-11-11. If you have questions, contact Tony Tam