Physical Objects That I Use Daily/Weekly And Bring Me Joy

  1. My noise cancelling JVC headphones when I want to get into the flow
  2. My phone case that can store my visa cards, clipper card, work badget and some money.  It removes the need to have a wallet.  So I just need a home key and phone case + phone when I leave the house.
  3. My laptop that allows me to write and type out ideas as quickly as they come into my head.
  4. My physical notebooks (not fancy ones) to allow me to do bullet journaling to capture everything that is important in my life.
  5. My San Francisco public library card that allows me to reserve books and shipped to the closest library and has given me so much knowledge to learn from other humans.
  6. Semikolon stickie tabs that help me mark sections in my bullet journal
  7. My Mobileedg ($35 bag) that carries my pens, a folder of important docs, my water bottle, my journal making feel like I’m not missing anything
  8. My battery pack to give my Nexus 6P juice