Latte Art #4

It’s been a while since I could pull a good shot and pour a decent piece of latte art.  My last good one was #3 and I’ve gone through one pound of coffee without coming up with a pretty rossetta.  But today I’m getting 2 pounds to try again.

Coffee Obsessed In Copenhagen

The photo is of Reg Barber tampers I saw in Risterit in Denmark.. ooooo.. soo cool.  I’ve been hearing about these babies on coffeegeek all week. Ok, I’ve been obssessed with coffee lately.  Listening to coffeegeek and podcasts talking about professional baristas, bean roasting, barista competitions.  The 2006 barista champion actually works in Copenhagen.Continue reading “Coffee Obsessed In Copenhagen”

Finally, Good Coffee In Paris

I been having a hard time finding Italian quality coffee in Paris.  Most places that serve coffee in Paris serve very mediocure cafe creme and cappucino.  While in Paris, I’ve been listening to the podcast and making myself long for a good cup of capuccino. Until one day I stumbled on urbietorbi le barContinue reading “Finally, Good Coffee In Paris”