Latte Art Lesson #1

Recently I’ve been thinking that it would be cool one day if I became a part time barista.    The art/craft of making expresso interested me after I listened to 2 podcasts from and  There is a 3rd wave coffee movement to lift up the consumption of coffee to the level of the wine industry.  It makes a lot of sense.  Why is it that you go into a 5 star restaurant and you get hundreds of wines to choose from but you can’t choose coffee from different regions and the expresso base drinks are prepared by the wait staff who are not formally trained to prepare them.

Last night I got one pound of Rituals Hair Bender esspresso and a 1/2 gallon of Clover milk and went to work.  Here are the results.  I’m estatic with the last one, it actually looks like a leaf!

I’m trying to  use tamping skills from Coffeegeek, pouring skills from the UK barista champion.

30 lbs of pressure using the Reg Barber tamper
fress coffee roasted less than 7 days ago from Rituals
25 second espresso shot
mico-foam milk with latte art as testimonial to the right consistency.n!