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Taking the long view

Yesterday, one member of my badminton group reinjured his knee which was already hurting from a skiing accident. He wanted to play yesterday because he loved the sport and thought he could still play and take it easy. Unfortunately, we pushed him pretty hard on court, and he collapsed in pain when he twisted his […]

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The Finger Power In Badminton

@Tony Tam That’s right! It gives you more control and racket speed if you relax the fingers before you hit, but for power, you still need to figure out how to do the weights transfer! Weight transfer has something to do with the body, shoulder, forearm, and wrist rotation. You used to have problem with the […]

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Health Goal: Senior Badminton Tournaments

I had seen a wonderful life coach, Amy K and she worked with me to help me understand what I believe are life values. From those conversations, she had told me that our life is like a wheel.   There are 4 sections to that wheel.  Health, Family, Work, Money. All of these 4 sections of […]

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Find that one true sport you love

In high school I played badminton for 4 years. I liked the sport, but did not love it. When I went to UC Berkeley, I join the badminton club and we trained and competed against other colleges. We would travel both days on weekends, come back as a team, have dinner together and laugh about the […]

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Not Being Fair Is OK

I’m in Malaysia watching the 2008 Badminton Super Series (I’m an addict) I noticed that older women in Malaysia and Bangalore often would cut in front of lines to the bathroom. It almost seems like they think it’s their right. At first I was going to ask them to get in line, but then I […]

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