Tosh Hall: Overcoming Hearing No

About Tosh HallGlobal CCO Close Bio Tosh oversees the creative product for all our offices, including work for AB InBev, Dunkin’ Brands, Target and UNICEF. His work’s been recognized at Cannes and by D&AD, The One Show, Clios, New York Festivals, Tokyo TDC, Graphis, Communication Arts, Print and AIGA—and featured in Forbes, The New YorkContinue reading “Tosh Hall: Overcoming Hearing No”

Lettering and Type

I am often inspired by creative types.  I heard about Jessica Hische when she was interviewed on Design Matters podcast.  I found her show “The Creative Spark: Title Case, Typographic Artisans” I’m inspired by their workspace and how they customized their tables to fit their tools Her beautiful homepage Her 2 books “TomorrowContinue reading “Lettering and Type”

SF Public Library: Merced Branch

Getting There The Merced Branch of the San Francisco Public Library system is 1/2 block from the 28, K buses.  Right acrossed from the Stonestown mall.  There is plenty of street parking with 2 car parking for 10 minutes. What is different? One standout of this library is the central garden space with maple treesContinue reading “SF Public Library: Merced Branch”

Impactful work takes planning, preparation and follow through

(The art piece is done by a SF local artist of migrant workers working in California central valley) Yesterday, my direct report, a principal software engineer who is an expert in our C++ code base presented to over 150 engineers on a piece of code walk through of a “Life of a single data eventContinue reading “Impactful work takes planning, preparation and follow through”

Cost of good habits are in the present, cost of bad habits are in the future.

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits – During the early phases of forming a good habit (going to the gym, eating healthier, saving for retirement) there is no immediate reward. However with bad habits (eating ice cream, watching Netlifx, scrolling through Instagram), we get immediate reward. Unfortunately humans are flawed, we tend to avoid things thatContinue reading “Cost of good habits are in the present, cost of bad habits are in the future.”

What does Tony do in Engineering Productivity?

My full time job is to work on engineering productivity. Often folks ask me what I do every day / every week? I often tell them what I’m working on this quarter. Quarterly Focus Well, the first quarter in 2019, my focus is on creating coding labs and content for new engineers that join SplunkContinue reading “What does Tony do in Engineering Productivity?”

Effective Engineering Teams

An effective engineering team is highly collaborative, focused on delivering high quality code with velocity. The team sets the standard for other teams to follow in how they design software, write and test their software and ultimately delivering business value to the customer. The team functions as a coherent group, helping each other succeed, havingContinue reading “Effective Engineering Teams”

Book: How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents

This YouTube video really cracked me up.  An immigrant kid from Hong Kong, born in Shanghai, immigrated to L.A, went to UC San Diego, majored in economics, told his parents he would rather disappoint them for a few years than disappoint himself for life,  did standup, drove for Uber, auditioned 100+ times for small partsContinue reading “Book: How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents”

Single Tasking Time & Attention

So Far I’ve deleted all my infinite scrolling apps (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter). I’ve stopped reading online news and only read a printed Sunday paper. I’ve paid for products to remove ads (Cruncy Roll, YouTube, Pandora). Call To Action To Take Back Attention & Time Today, I listened to the founder of Center For HumaneContinue reading “Single Tasking Time & Attention”

podcast: John Hennessy and Dave Patterson, winners of the Turing Award 2018

In June, the two engineers will formally accept a Turing Award, the computer science equivalent of the Nobel Prize, in recognition of their work. Hennessy later became president of Stanford University and is now the chair of Alphabet; Patterson is a professor emeritus at U.C. Berkeley and a distinguished engineer at Google Listen to theContinue reading “podcast: John Hennessy and Dave Patterson, winners of the Turing Award 2018”

Interview 1: Lyn Campbell, Corporate VP, Global Operations at Proofpoint

I’m celebrating a milestone for a personal 10 year project and I’m seeking your time and attention. Impactful Engineer shares the stories and journeys of women and men who are making significant impact in the software industry. The purpose of Impactful Engineer is to inspire young software engineers to see that are many paths they can take toContinue reading “Interview 1: Lyn Campbell, Corporate VP, Global Operations at Proofpoint”

Finite and Infinite Games

This podcast episode from one of My ‘Virtual Brain Trust’, Seth Godin, has given me a framework to talk about how I’ve structured my life around longer term vision leading to the right short term actions. Seth Godin’s Akimbo Podcast Finite and Infinite Games The idea is that there are finite games and infinite games. Continue reading “Finite and Infinite Games”

Hacking Getting Better At Presentations

Presentations!! I don’t like giving presentations, even though my job and my passion with Impactful Engineer requires me to. Why Don’t I like Presentations? I don’t like my voice in front of a big audience I don’t speak clearly enough and I sometimes mumble I don’t enunciate words clearly (I learned English when I wasContinue reading “Hacking Getting Better At Presentations”

podcast: How to Get More Grit in Your Life

The psychologist Angela Duckworth argues that a person’s level of stick-to-itiveness is directly related to their level of success. No big surprise there. But grit, she says, isn’t something you’re born with — it can be learned. Here’s how. Her TED talk Duration: 44:54, Played: 42:27 Published: 5/4/16 8:00:00 PM Episode Download Link (31 MB):Continue reading “podcast: How to Get More Grit in Your Life”

Design and building Android wear app with my daughter

On Oct 5th, my co-worker Ollie R. and I were chatting during breakfast and he was showing me his Android Wear watch. When he told me that developing for wearable devices is pretty new and something worth getting into, I went to Amazon the next day and bought a refurbished 2014 Moto 360 for $112Continue reading “Design and building Android wear app with my daughter”

Link: NYTimes Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable 

A contrast to what people ( myself included) Post publicly vs privately searching on Google. Just a great reminder to look at social media posts with the awareness that it is partial truth On social media, the top descriptors to complete the phrase “My husband is …” are “the best,” “my best friend,” “amazing,” “theContinue reading “Link: NYTimes Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable “

link: Podcast What will it take for Uber to change? #deleteuber

New York Times technology reporter Mike Isaac talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher and The Verge’s Lauren Goode about the controversies that have plagued Uber for the past two months. In a new profile of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Isaac reported that the company ran afoul of Apple’s rules by keeping track of the iPhones onContinue reading “link: Podcast What will it take for Uber to change? #deleteuber”

Dear LinkedIn, Make Diversity Data Transparent For All Companies?

Dear LinkedIn, You are the only service out there to discover data about companies both private and public, what type of employees work there, which universities the employees graduated from and lots of other useful data about the professional lives of the workers. LinkedIn is a fantastic service for professionals. There have been many articles in recent yearsContinue reading “Dear LinkedIn, Make Diversity Data Transparent For All Companies?”

Head of Open Source at Facebook Interviewed on Changelog Podcast

This is worth listening to learn about how Facebook thinks about software and expecially how they are trying to push software developer forward for the entire industry.  React and React Native are being called out as very successful open source projects from Facebook.   Cassandra has also been a huge winner.   The interesting takeContinue reading “Head of Open Source at Facebook Interviewed on Changelog Podcast”

Dear Banner Ads, I’m Sorry To Say Goodbye, Here Is $5

I understand the free services like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, Facebook are supported by ads.  But the ads are not well targeted or creepy and repetitive, too much in your face (2nd post on LinkedIn, every 5-7 posts on and ultimately waste a lot of my time scrolling pass them in order to see relevant content.Continue reading “Dear Banner Ads, I’m Sorry To Say Goodbye, Here Is $5”

Working & Playing @ Splunk

Marking my 2nd month at Splunk. I really love the culture of being data driven at everything we do. Being here at Splunk already opened up my mind as to how I can grow and learn as an engineer because of the people and the relentless focus on execution and innovation.

link: Disruption in Business… and Life

It’s not incompetence, but competence, that causes companies to be disrupted. That applies to big companies and small, as well as people too. Or so argue Clayton Christensen and Marc Andreessen in this podcast, based on a conversation at Startup Grind (moderated by Derek Anderson) between the a16z co-founder and Harvard Business School professor ChristensenContinue reading “link: Disruption in Business… and Life”

link: What makes a good engineering culture? : The Effective Engineer

From Edmond Lau’s The Effective Engineer blog 1. Optimize for iteration speed. Quick iteration speed increases work motivation and excitement. Infrastructural and bureaucratic barriers to deploying code and launching features are some of the most common and frustrating reasons that engineers cite during interviews for why they’re leaving their current companies. Read the rest ofContinue reading “link: What makes a good engineering culture? : The Effective Engineer”

Be the 1%, contribute instead of just consume

  (The photo is from a customer of my restaurant I Privé) We all love to take advantage of user contributed reviews such as Yelp, Amazon, Airbnb.  They give us another trustworthy dimension to decide whether we want to go to a particular restaurant, buy that bluetooth headphone or rent that vacation apartment. Based on owningContinue reading “Be the 1%, contribute instead of just consume”

link: Error 451 is the new HTTP code for online censorship (Wired UK)

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the body responsible for overseeing the internet’s technical standards, has approved HTTP 451, “an HTTP Status Code to Report Legal Obstacles”. The new status code will show viewers when a web page is being blocked for legal reasons.Source: Error 451 is the new HTTP code for online censorship (WiredContinue reading “link: Error 451 is the new HTTP code for online censorship (Wired UK)”

link: One Founder’s Desperate Battle To Keep Workers Employed

Source: One Founder’s Desperate Battle To Keep Workers Employed | Caroline Fairchild | LinkedIn Stembel can’t afford to hire a number two because she is devoting a significant portion of her revenue to a cost that her competitors eschewed long ago. Namely, she employs all 48 of her workers — her bike couriers, car drivers andContinue reading “link: One Founder’s Desperate Battle To Keep Workers Employed”

One inbox to rule them all! Check your Gmail, Outlook and AOL email in @YahooMail

No only can you now use Yahoo to check emails from GMail and AOL. The coolest feature is that Yahoo implemented a backend search that is way better than any email client could do.  Check out how cool and fast the searches are. Download here Power users: try these searches from:tony – emails sent from yahoo.comContinue reading “One inbox to rule them all! Check your Gmail, Outlook and AOL email in @YahooMail”

Yahoo Messenger gets so much better with this new version

I’m proud to work for Yahoo, to be part of the dog fooding of this new app inside Yahoo.  The team that worked on the new Yahoo Messenger app is awesome! Check out the features!! and Animated gif search from tumblr directly from Yahoo Messenger unsend (is that even a word?) any message,Continue reading “Yahoo Messenger gets so much better with this new version”

Digital Entertainment I Am Willing To Pay For

We do not pay for cable, never did and do not have a TV.  We do have a movie projector and a 90″ drop down projection screen. Looking at our digital entertainment obligations: We get the recent DVD ‘s free from the San Francisco public library. We pay for Comcast for 6mbps for faster internetContinue reading “Digital Entertainment I Am Willing To Pay For”

link: Pamela Fox – Voice coaching: What I learned

From Pamela Fox of Kahn Academy I use my voice a lot. I give talks at conferences, I teach workshops for GDI, and I record videos for Khan Academy. But I’ve never loved my voice. I grew up with British parents, so I spent my life wishing I had an accent that sounded asContinue reading “link: Pamela Fox – Voice coaching: What I learned”

Tech Businesses That Are Unprofitable Need To Ask The Hard Questions

Even though I work in high tech, I don’t really understand business that loose money during their entire existence.  How can that be a business?   I invest in a restaurant that is luckily profitable after 1 year.   We offer a product people value and are willing to pay for.  We have investors who want toContinue reading “Tech Businesses That Are Unprofitable Need To Ask The Hard Questions”

Learning Unconditional Love From My Mother

We are celebrating my mom’s 74th birthday today.   She is a medical licensed pediatrician in China.  When my family immigrated to the United States in 1980, her medical degree was not recognized here in the states and she lack the basic English to be medical doctor here.  She took on a job as a seamstressContinue reading “Learning Unconditional Love From My Mother”

Has Lyft and Uber Disrupted The Restaurant Employment Market?

After owning the I Prive restaurant for over a year and helping run the digital infrastructure  as well as posting job openings on Craigslist, I have a theory that a lot of people who used to work part time at restaurants are now working as drivers for Lyft or Uber. The hours are probably moreContinue reading “Has Lyft and Uber Disrupted The Restaurant Employment Market?”

Performance On The Badminton Court Is 50% Mental Game

  I have played badminton for half my life.  Four years in high school, four years  for the UC Berkeley club, then I picked it up again very seriously trained and competed for 3 years and now I play for fun with my co-worker and near my house. I love playing of course because ofContinue reading “Performance On The Badminton Court Is 50% Mental Game”

Movie want to see: East Side Sushi

quoted from synopsis East•Side Sushi introduces us to Juana, a working-class Latina single mother who strives to become a sushi chef. Years of working in the food industry have made Juana’s hands fast—very fast. She can slice and dice anything you throw at her with great speed and precision. Forced to give up her fruit-vendingContinue reading “Movie want to see: East Side Sushi”