Malaysia : Bangalore : Taj Mahal : 2008

I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world! I get to spend a day in Malaysia just to watch the Badminton Super Series in Kuala Lumpur before traveling to Bangalore, India to work remotely for a week. Off to New Delhi and Agra on the weekend and visited one of the seven wonders ofContinue reading “Malaysia : Bangalore : Taj Mahal : 2008”

Paris Trip Day 4 : Compromises (2008)

I’m usually not good at resolving conflicts. In the dating environment, I would just run away. At work, we’ll try to figure out the ‘right’ way and usually, the ‘right’ way wins. With Cate, usually, the only way that wins is to compromise Last night I was trying to convince Cate to fall asleep soonerContinue reading “Paris Trip Day 4 : Compromises (2008)”

Tonight’s Munich Gamble: Ended In Disaster

After a very fillilng meal of traditional German food of fatty pork and dumplings for lunch, I’m up for some sushi. It’s 9:58 and I’m trying to find some good food here in Munich, a search for ‘munich late night dining’ found me this CNN article Tonight’s gamble: Sho-ya-Sushi—Though the city offers a bountyContinue reading “Tonight’s Munich Gamble: Ended In Disaster”

Coffee Obsessed In Copenhagen

The photo is of Reg Barber tampers I saw in Risterit in Denmark.. ooooo.. soo cool.  I’ve been hearing about these babies on coffeegeek all week. Ok, I’ve been obssessed with coffee lately.  Listening to coffeegeek and podcasts talking about professional baristas, bean roasting, barista competitions.  The 2006 barista champion actually works in Copenhagen.Continue reading “Coffee Obsessed In Copenhagen”

Finally, Good Coffee In Paris

I been having a hard time finding Italian quality coffee in Paris.  Most places that serve coffee in Paris serve very mediocure cafe creme and cappucino.  While in Paris, I’ve been listening to the podcast and making myself long for a good cup of capuccino. Until one day I stumbled on urbietorbi le barContinue reading “Finally, Good Coffee In Paris”

Travel with StyleCity guides to see the chic and modern

I love the cosmopolitain cities like Paris, SF, NY, Tokyo, HK, Taiwan and whenever I can, I buy this series of books call the StyleCity guides.  These books recommend places to live, eat and shop but with a focus on style and chic. Today I used the guide StyleCity Paris First Pierre Hermé, apparently, heContinue reading “Travel with StyleCity guides to see the chic and modern”

Run The Paris Metro #6: 8.01 miles: 10 stations: 251 to go

Today’s run was a bit shorter, 10 down, 8.01 miles and only 251 stations to go  No tagzania map today, maybe I’ll update later.  Check out the pics of the Paris city life. Run #5: 13.87 miles june 13th Run #4: 12.58 miles june 10th Run #3: 12.85 miles june 8th Run #2: 10.56 milesContinue reading “Run The Paris Metro #6: 8.01 miles: 10 stations: 251 to go”

Run The Paris Metro #5: 18 stations, 13.87 miles, 261 to go

Finally made it to 13.3 miles today.  I’m getting slightly tired with only 4-5 hours of sleep and this running, but I promised myself to sleep a bit more. Today’s run covered 18 stations for 13.87 miles .  Highlights were the 2 farmers markets that ‘forced’ me to stop and eat some fruits Run #4:Continue reading “Run The Paris Metro #5: 18 stations, 13.87 miles, 261 to go”

au nom de la rose

I think au num de la rose is a franchise store, but their presentation is really unique. With rose petals all over the front of the store and every store painted this nice mellow green.  I just can’t help myself taking photos with the woman inside looking at my kinda funny

10 simple steps to travel in Paris

Find a really good air fare from Rent an apartment from these folks , this is the apartment I’m staying, right on Rue Lepic where all the food markets are.   They’ve got a full kitchen, with washer and dryer and very chic apartments Plan your eating itinery with this book Food Lover’s GuideContinue reading “10 simple steps to travel in Paris”

Off To Paris Again, But First NYC : ‘ino panini, bruschette

Yes I’m off to Paris again, this time just with my parents.  I think I’ve lost count, but this should be my 8th time to the most beautiful city in the world. We have a 12 hour lay over in NY because I wasn’t thinking when I booked the flight.  We are making the bestContinue reading “Off To Paris Again, But First NYC : ‘ino panini, bruschette”

Travel: Amsterdam city for the young at heart

Guys and gals, for a sinful week of fun and food, you must come to Amsterdam. This city is lively, everyone speaks English, it’s a very relaxed and opened environment (open prostitution, open gay marriages, legalized drugs). When we got to Amsterdam from Paris, it was only an hour’s flight.  We got some fresh juice,Continue reading “Travel: Amsterdam city for the young at heart”

Travel: “Only in Amsterdam”

I’m getting ready to leave for Amsterdam and the Let’s go Amsterdam guide book has a section named Only in Amsterdam Commercial Sex “Window prostituion, which grew out of the practice of prostitutes showing off their goods from the front windows of private houses, was officially legalized in 1911 and in 2000, the law outlawingContinue reading “Travel: “Only in Amsterdam””