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  • Artist: Hyun Jeung’s prints

    Artist: Hyun Jeung’s prints

    During a random walk in Paris, we saw some beautiful prints of flowers in the window of an artist studio. The 3 of us stood there admiring them and the artist waved us in. See Hyun Jeung’s background And of course checkout the amazingly beautiful work. This week she sent out a new series.

  • Paris Trip Day 4 : Compromises (2008)

    Paris Trip Day 4 : Compromises (2008)

    I’m usually not good at resolving conflicts. In the dating environment, I would just run away. At work, we’ll try to figure out the ‘right’ way and usually, the ‘right’ way wins. With Cate, usually, the only way that wins is to compromise Last night I was trying to convince Cate to fall asleep sooner…