Computer Programming is art, don’t overplan it

I’ve argued that building software is much more of an Art than Science. The teams who follow the agile manifesto strictly over plan this artistic endevor of birthing software from nothing with T-shirt sizing, rule of thumb and or fibonacci numbers in 2 week increments of a sprint. What I’ve observed in the real world of software engineering in 20 years is that during the planning and estimation process:

The Cycle Of Creating Software

As software engineers, our job is to create useful services for other humans or other services that depend on our services. In the idealized world, we write software, deploy, and move on. In the real world, we have to think about Writing software Debugging our own software for bugs Testing it locally for the change,Continue reading “The Cycle Of Creating Software”

Be opinionated, but be willing to listen

At work when I am interviewing for candidates to join my team for Engineering Productivity, I look for certain attributes. Having an opinion based on authority and experience I am looking for someone with one or two areas of deep expertise. Also you should have a strong opinion but here is the kicker, you needContinue reading “Be opinionated, but be willing to listen”

Each Of Us Has A Part of The Solution, Together We Have The Whole.

Each Of Us Has A Part of The Solution, Together We Have The Whole! Splunk is a company of thousands of talented individuals, distributed across product development offices in 8 offices in the U.S., AUNZ, Europe, and Asia. How do we do our best work collectively and continue to push innovation while expanding at hypergrowthContinue reading “Each Of Us Has A Part of The Solution, Together We Have The Whole.”

In the areas of learning and development

(This post is not for you, it’s for me) It started out as 5% of my time.  Just a 4-hour hands-on workshop with new hires once a month.  Now it’s the following 1 engineer working on developing a hands-on workshop that will track start, finish, and verification.  Able to track usage, validate answers and replaceContinue reading “In the areas of learning and development”