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Photo: Calder & Picasso exhibition in Paris 2019

Amazon popularized the silent meeting

  • No powerpoints
  • Send a 5 pager ahead of time
  • Sit in the meeting for 20 minutes to read and comment
  • Then open up for discussion

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“Silent Meetings” are meetings where most of the time is spent thinking and discussing the topics at hand. Functionally, they are based around a “Table Read” that everyone at the meeting reads silently, comments in and then discusses. An assigned facilitator leads the comment synthesis and discussion to ensure the meeting is valuable. 

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Walk over and ask to see a demo

(The photo is one of my favorite pencils I borrow from my daughter. I finally used up all the lead in the pencil) 20 minutes, that’s all it takes. “Could you show me how you work?” Let’s turn on screen capture. Oh, interesting, what else? Why do you like this over, let’s say this other […]

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