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  • 2023 – Celebrating A Milestone

    2023 – Celebrating A Milestone

    I am a huge believer in Celebrate The Wins In Your Life and I’ve reminded my direct reports and mentees at work that it’s important to stop and savor the moment when they have arrived at a milestone in our long journey of work and life. These are birthdays, important anniversaries, work recognition.. etc Over the…

  • 3 Birthdays!

    3 Birthdays!

    My wife’s family celebrated the birthdays of 3 people, my 6 year nephew, my father in law and me! This card I received gives me such joy!

  • Happy 49th Birthday Week

    Happy 49th Birthday Week

    I believe in celebrating life, this week I want to celebrate my 49th birthday for an entire week. Even doing a small thing for myself. Sunday – annual family dinner for 3 generation of men, with my father in-law, my little nephew and myself! Monday – Dinner with my lovely wife at Esperanto and a…