Happy 49th Birthday Week

I believe in celebrating life, this week I want to celebrate my 49th birthday for an entire week. Even doing a small thing for myself.

Sunday – annual family dinner for 3 generation of men, with my father in-law, my little nephew and myself!

Monday – Dinner with my lovely wife at Esperanto and a live theater show in the Mission. I was inspired by passionate people who go out on a limb.

Tuesday – Taro smoothie with red bean mixed it, coffee at South Park cafe

Wednesday – Playing badminton with my sfbadminton.org group of friends.

Thursday – Pastries at Jane bakery

Friday – Bopomofo in L.A. to check out the cafe opened my one of the founder of WongFu production.

Saturday – Dim Sum with family in San Diego, morning pumpkin bread and taro red bean in Atlas World Market

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